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  • Bryony, Marathon Runner
    “I first started seeing Hannah for treatment when I was training for the 2012 London Marathon and had extreme tightness in my lower back. She was very quick in finding the root cause and worked to ease the pain and release the tension within the first session. I continued to receive treatment from Hannah leading up to the marathon to keep my muscles healthy and pain free, enabling me to complete the marathon within my target time. Since then, I have considered her treatments as an important part of my fitness regime and as the best way to prevent injury. Hannah will always recommend stretches to prevent the issue re-arising. She is always knowledgeable and efficient in her work, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to anyone, whether it is for injury prevention or cure”.
  • Byron, Weightlifter
    “I have been getting sports massage from Hannah for over a year now and I am feeling the best I have ever felt. She is a very knowledgeable and friendly person who is dedicated to her profession. As a weightlifter; movement, positioning and mobility are very important. Hannah has helped me to overcome limitations that have allowed me to stay injury free and in tip top condition all year round. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to be free of all those nasty aches and pains that restrict you from feeling good”.
  • Jen, Amateur Event Rider
    I compete up to a high level eventing whilst working as a full time teacher and also run to keep fit. My body undergoes a lot of stress and I am so grateful to Hannah for keeping my body flexible and up to the demands of my life! I used to get a lot of shoulder pain and neck stiffness but since having sports massages this has all been relieved. In the weeks following a massage I definitely notice the improvement in my riding as my body is much more supple to absorb the movement of the horse. I am so thankful to Hannah for the difference she makes.